As a Five Element Acupuncturist, Mwangaza helps her clients create ease where there was dis-ease, and free flow of chi (energy) where there was stuckness.  She partners with her clients to identify how they can maintain that free flow in the face of the challenges of life. Mwangaza addresses pain conditions, weight loss, emotional issues, and digestive problems, to name a few. Through Acupuncture, she has witnessed in her clients and in her own experience, a healing process that is personal, powerful and often beyond words.

Stephanie Mwangaza Brown is a Traditional Five Element Acupuncturist. She has been involved in complementary and alternative health practices for 27 years. Mwangaza is a licensed acupuncturist and a Reiki Master. She is a certified Colorpuncture™ Therapist, and incorporates somatic touch into her sessions.
She has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, a Masters degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts and is licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.

Mwangaza was made a Reiki I practitioner in 1980 and Reiki II in 1981 by Ethel Lombardy. She worked as a Reiki practioner in the Home of Omni meditation center in Baltimore, headed by Ernestine Mitchner. During this time Mwangaza complemented her spiritual practice by studying Tai Chi Chuan with Dennis Brown and Master Chao Chi Liu in Washington DC. In 2001, she was made an Usui Reiki Master by Reverend Adara Walton of Columbia, MD.She received her license to practice acupuncture in 2006. More recently, she has studied somatic techniques developed by Peter Levine and an acupressure system called SEVA.

It is a blessing and an honor to provide these services to others. Mwangaza has dedicated her life to healing.


Acupuncture by Stephanie Mwangaza Brown at Healing Arts of Silver Spring
8830 Cameron Street Suite 502 Silver Spring, MD 20910


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