Lessons From Nature: Benevolence

One of the five elements of Chinese Medicine is Wood. Wood–the trees and vegetation–teach us lessons about ourselves. The tree is the symbol of our struggle to be upright and righteous. Daily, we cultivate ourselves to reach toward the heavens. In time, we develop the strong branches of balanced vision, power, and assertiveness—all qualities of the Wood element. These are also the strong qualities of a highly developed human being. Highly developed people are able to see the big picture and align themselves with it. They know when to challenge and when to relinquish. Their actions facilitate the prevailing circumstances to intermingle according to an inner flow. The tree is able to take weather conditions—the sun, the rain, the wind, the lightening, the air, etc.– and constantly grow and provide us with protection, shade, replenishing oxygen, nutritious fruit, and healing herbs. Elevated people act naturally and benefit all they come in contact with as they facilitate forward movement. Some, who encounter life’s challenges, feel they are being treated unfairly; or make things all about them; or look externally for the answers forgetting about the wealth of their internal experience. As highly developed people, our inner plan complements The Plan. We are prepared, aligned and able. We have achieved self-freedom, and are able to create freedom for others. This skillful practice is the virtue of benevolence.


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