Lesson From Nature: Insomnia and the Heart (Part 2 of 3)

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart Official is our guiding light, our spark of heavenly fire, our individual star. Like the sun or the Pole Star, the Heart provides a still point for us that orients our consciousness, awareness, intelligence, insight and mood. Just as the phrase “still point” implies, there is an emptiness and quietness about the Heart Official. The stillness that we feel when we have clarity and focus in our lives, when there is a surety in our step and we are unshakeable in the face of challenge or adversity. Like the sun that ceaselessly shines on us always, so does the Heart Official radiate the inspiration of heaven constantly. If we are stressed, negative, worried, fearful, doubtful, irritable constantly, we are developing a habit of under nourishing ourselves and irritating and disrupting ourselves internally in a subtle way. The Heart Official cannot do its job of stillness, calmness and emptiness. Not sleeping well can bring our attention to the way we are being, thinking and behaving during the day. Insomnia can help us to determine how we can create more ease, trust and stillness in our life that will be reflected in our ability to sleep.


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