Lessons From Nature–The Pendulum Within

The transition from Winter to Spring has been like a swinging pendulum. Mother Nature shows us that change rarely goes smoothly. Even when there has been a lot of planning there is an aspect of unpredictability. Nature is a great teacher in human affairs. When a project, relationship, or event is off to a rough start, we can be quick to write it off as a failure. If we allow the pendulum to come to rest, we may have a great success.

In 5 element acupuncture theory, the emotion associated with Winter is fear–the discomfort we have with the unknown, like when we are doing something new or different. As the situation continues to develop, it transforms into Spring. There may be a sense of frustration that the situation is not blooming the way we envisioned. That sends us reeling back into fear, where we re-group and try something else, which may lead to more frustration. The pendulum swing continues. Nature shows that the tension between fear and frustration is a natural part of any creative process—relax and go with the flow.



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