Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation has the benefits of:

  • building collagen,
  • toning muscles,
  • improving circulation,
  • stimulating blood flow,
  • treating health concerns,
  • relaxing deeply and
  • managing stress.

Facial acupuncture is thousands of years old and has been practiced in the U.S. for several decades. It tightens and tones gently and steadily helps to make the skin look younger by boosting collagen and elastin. It clears congestion by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow to the head and face.

As in traditional acupuncture:

  • Health concerns are treated, because body points are used.
  • Endorphins are released, which reduce the negative effects of stress.
  • Deep relaxation, a side effect of acupuncture, is experienced.

Many facial techniques beautify the face without addressing the health of the body. In facial acupuncture, the face is treated to bring out its natural beauty and the body is treated to support one’s overall health, balance and wellness. The health of the body is mirrored on the face. Jump on the ageless beauty bandwagon now and be the health that your face projects.

Let’s see the glow….



Esogetic Colorpuncture is a holistic healing system which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems. It is designed to address the non-physical origins of illness as well as its physical symptoms. Colorpuncture has no side effects. It restores health to the body, deepens our relationship with ourselves, and dissolves old emotional and/or physical pains.

A handheld incandescent light source delivers various colors of light to acupoints on the body. The skin absorbs the light energy, which is transferred via the cells to tissues deep within the body. Cells easily absorb light energy and our meridian system* (as defined in Chinese medicine over 4,000 years ago) is affected by light.

Though no one knows the exact mechanism for the success of Colorpuncture, there are thousands of case studies which validate the treatments. Colorpuncture is in the category of evidence-based therapies in which decades of research, observation and client feedback document its therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, Kirlian photography is used to track shifts in the client’s energy fields and serves as a health progress report.

* Our meridian system consists of hundreds of very precisely located energy points
that together circulate the energy of the body.



Lesson From Nature: Insomnia and the Heart (Part 2 of 3)

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart Official is our guiding light, our spark of heavenly fire, our individual star. Like the sun or the Pole Star, the Heart provides a still point for us that orients our consciousness, awareness, intelligence, insight and mood. Just as the phrase “still point” implies, there is an emptiness and quietness about the Heart Official. The stillness that we feel when we have clarity and focus in our lives, when there is a surety in our step and we are unshakeable in the face of challenge or adversity. Like the sun that ceaselessly shines on us always, so does the Heart Official radiate the inspiration of heaven constantly. If we are stressed, negative, worried, fearful, doubtful, irritable constantly, we are developing a habit of under nourishing ourselves and irritating and disrupting ourselves internally in a subtle way. The Heart Official cannot do its job of stillness, calmness and emptiness. Not sleeping well can bring our attention to the way we are being, thinking and behaving during the day. Insomnia can help us to determine how we can create more ease, trust and stillness in our life that will be reflected in our ability to sleep.

Lessons From Nature: 3 o’clock Insomnia (Part 1 of 3)

Lessons From Nature: Benevolence

One of the five elements of Chinese Medicine is Wood. Wood–the trees and vegetation–teach us lessons about ourselves. The tree is the symbol of our struggle to be upright and righteous. Daily, we cultivate ourselves to reach toward the heavens. In time, we develop the strong branches of balanced vision, power, and assertiveness—all qualities of the Wood element. These are also the strong qualities of a highly developed human being. Highly developed people are able to see the big picture and align themselves with it. They know when to challenge and when to relinquish. Their actions facilitate the prevailing circumstances to intermingle according to an inner flow. The tree is able to take weather conditions—the sun, the rain, the wind, the lightening, the air, etc.– and constantly grow and provide us with protection, shade, replenishing oxygen, nutritious fruit, and healing herbs. Elevated people act naturally and benefit all they come in contact with as they facilitate forward movement. Some, who encounter life’s challenges, feel they are being treated unfairly; or make things all about them; or look externally for the answers forgetting about the wealth of their internal experience. As highly developed people, our inner plan complements The Plan. We are prepared, aligned and able. We have achieved self-freedom, and are able to create freedom for others. This skillful practice is the virtue of benevolence.

Lessons From Nature: A Key to Success

Have you ever thought about the power that is required for a seed to push its sprouts up through the ground to reach the rays of the sun? In people, we call that motivation and initiative. We tap into the deep reserves of ourselves, into our potential, in order to manifest. In Nature, the time of building these reserves is the Winter and the night. There is a going within, hibernation, regeneration, stillness and peace. There is a connection with an inner knowing. To manifest our work, there must be a rhythm between the inner and outer. The need to rest and Be is critically important to our success in working and Doing. Many of us are turned on all the time. Even when we are asleep we are really not at peace.

Lessons From Nature–The Pendulum Within

The transition from Winter to Spring has been like a swinging pendulum. Mother Nature shows us that change rarely goes smoothly. Even when there has been a lot of planning there is an aspect of unpredictability. Nature is a great teacher in human affairs. When a project, relationship, or event is off to a rough start, we can be quick to write it off as a failure. If we allow the pendulum to come to rest, we may have a great success.

In 5 element acupuncture theory, the emotion associated with Winter is fear–the discomfort we have with the unknown, like when we are doing something new or different. As the situation continues to develop, it transforms into Spring. There may be a sense of frustration that the situation is not blooming the way we envisioned. That sends us reeling back into fear, where we re-group and try something else, which may lead to more frustration. The pendulum swing continues. Nature shows that the tension between fear and frustration is a natural part of any creative process—relax and go with the flow.


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